The mobile baby journal

Your baby has arrived - and with it countless moments of joy, pride, amazement, and laughter enter your life. Preserve these precious moments and make them unforgettable: using Bambio, the app for iPhone and iPod touch.

How does Bambio work?
Like childs play.

Create a journal and you’re ready to go. The intuitive and delightful interface and inspiring feature set makes it easy and fun to capture those small and large events in your child’s first years.

The first smile? A milestone.

When your child smiles, talks, crawls, or walks for the first time, joy and pride are enormous. And rightly so, as those are milestones in your child‘s development. And milestones should be written down to become unforgettable.

The deeply loved duck? A favorite.

Your child quickly develops preferences, such as apple puree and carrot juice, Bert & Ernie, or its first true love, the cuddly toy. You can capture these first personal charts as favorites.

“Why is grandpa’s head barefoot?” A quote.

Language is new and exciting for your child – and is often used in a unique manner. This produces gems that you want to preserve. Add them as quotes to make them unforgettable.

Already grown so much?
Size and weight.

Regularly enter size and weight to track the growth of your child – a graph shows you at a glance just how quickly your child is growing.

What do we do with joy? Share!

You can directly and easily share any entry in your mobile baby journal with friends and family via Facebook, Twitter, and email – and the happiness, too.

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