Frequently Asked Questions

What Devices does Bambio work on?

Bambio works on any iPhone or iPod touch that runs iOS version 6.0 or later.

Does Bambio work on the iPad?

While you can install and run Bambio on an iPad, it is not yet optimized for the iPad. Thus it appears on the iPad in the exact same way as on the iPhone but inside a small frame. Of course we hope we'll be able to provide full iPad support in a future version.

Is there a Version for Android Devices?

Currently not, but we are working on a port to Android. We can't yet say when it‘ll be ready for release, though.

Tips & Tricks

Sharing to Facebook and Twitter

Bambio supports sharing of journal content via email, Facebook, Twitter, and other services. If Facebook and/or Twitter does not show up as an option in the sharing interface, you first need to setup your Facebook/Twitter account system-wide.

You can do this in the Settings app. Please see these instructions for Facebook for more details. The process is similar for Twitter.

Gestures for Quickly Navigating Between Entries

Bambio enables you to use swipe gestures to quickly navigate between adjacent entries in a journal.

When you're viewing the entry details of a specific date, you can swipe left to move to the subsequent entry. Or swipe right to move to the preceeding entry.

Showing the Timeline for Navigation

Swipe to the right on the list view of a journal to slide in a list of months on the left side. Tap on a month in that list to navigate to the first corresponding entry in the journal.

Dimmed out months don‘t contain any entries. You can close the timeline by swiping to the left or tapping on the list of entries on the right.

Graph Display for Size and Weight

Bambio also provides a graphical chart of the development of size and weight. You can get to this chart by tapping on the arrow to the right at the top of a journals list of entries. By the way, the chart works best in landscape orientation.

Please note that the arrow is only shown if the journal actually contains data about the size and weight of your child.

Changing the date of an existing entry

If an entry has the wrong date you can simply move it to a different date. To do that, open the detail view of the entry and tap on “Edit”. A calendar icon should then appear left to the date. Tap on that icon to open a date picker.

Select the desired date and close the date picker by tapping on the downward-pointing arrow. The new date will be accepted by tapping on “Done”.

It gets a bit more complicated when there's already an existing entry on the chosen date. In that case you have two options: you can either overwrite the existing entry (thereby deleting its contents), or you can merge the contents of both entries.


Basic Troubleshooting

We've tested Bambio extensively. If you still encounter problems with the app such as crashes, it might be caused by the device being low on memory. In such cases, it often helps to simply restart the device.

When you've done that and the problem hasn't gone away, the installation of the app might be broken. In that case you can try deleting and reinstalling the app. Please make a backup of the data stored in Bambio before doing this! (see Backing Up Journals)

If you're still experiencing an issue with Bambio, please tell us about it.

Backing Up Journals

If you need to delete and reinstall the app, you should first make a backup of your journals. To do that, launch the app and navigate to the start screen, where your journals are shown next to each other. Tap on the “Edit” button and then on the export icon in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen. Choose the option “Copy to iTunes”, which should show a progress bar on the selected journal. Repeat this process for each of the journals you have.

Next you'll need to copy the journals out of the application on the device using iTunes on a computer. Connect your device with the computer running iTunes, and select the entry representing the device in iTunes. Switch to the “Apps” tab and look for the “File Sharing” section underneath the list of apps. Find and click on the entry for “Bambio” in the list on the left side, which should result in the exported journals becoming visible on the right side. Now you can save these files to your folder of choice on the computer.

Restoring a Backup

If you have .bambioJournal files exported as described in Backing up Journals on your computer that you want to import into Bambio, please start by connecting your iPhone to the computer and opening iTunes. Then select the connected device in iTunes and switch to the “Apps” tab. Below the list of apps you'll find the “File Sharing” section which should include Bambio in the list on the left side. Select Bambio and add the backup file(s) into the (likely empty) list of documents on the right side, which will copy those files to your device.

Now open the Bambio App on your iPhone, go to the start screen and tap on “Edit” and then the import icon in the bottom toolbar. You should be presented with the list of backups copied to the device. Select the one you want to import, and repeat the process for any other backups that should be restored.

Ask us!

If we weren’t able to help you with the information on this page, please ask us, and we will try to help you find a solution to your problem.

Of course we‘re happy to hear about suggestions, ideas, praise, or even criticism of Bambio in general.

Alternatively you can also reach us via email, Twitter, or Facebook.

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